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Placing your Wursthaus Christmas order online is simple.

Using the order form below, type the quantity of each product you want. Please be descriptive, eg, 500g, 1 cooked, 4 large, 2kg, etc. If you would like us to cook your whole turkey, turkey ballotine, chicken, pork or glaze your ham for you, you can specify it here.

When your order is complete, click “Continue”. On the next page you will be able to check the items you have selected, then you will be asked for your name and contact details before submitting the order.

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Use our printable order form. Simply complete the form and bring it into the store.

Your order will be recorded, but will only be fully confirmed on payment of a $50.00 deposit. Local customers can do this in the store. Customers living outside Hobart and Launceston can confirm their order and give credit card details by phone.

To help you to make your selections, you will find full product details in the Wursthaus 2017 Christmas Catalogue (pdf file 757KB)

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Christmas Hams

Huon Valley Berkshire Hams

Certified Free Range:
Cooked on the bone ham $26.90 per kg
Berkshire boneless ham $29.90 per kg
Porchetta loin - garlic & fresh herbs $25.90 per kg

Wursthaus Scottsdale Pork

Cooked on the bone hams:
Half (3.5-4.5kg) $22.90 per kg
Large (9+kg) $18.95 per kg

Apricot & Muscovado Sugar Glazed Ham

Only available in approximately 6.5kg $179.00 each

Wursthaus Hams

Cooked on the bone ham:
Whole Legs (6-7kg) $19.90 per kg
Boneless half ham:
A premium lean, boneless and rindless leg ham (2.5+kg) $24.95 per kg
Champagne ham:
Available in approximately 1kg units $29.95 per kg

Wursthaus Boneless Loin of Pork

Locally bred pork, with perfect fat cover to ensure crackling every time. Rolled ready for roasting.
Plain $24.90 per kg
Apple and sage stuffing $24.90 per kg
Macerated orange in brandy $24.90 per kg
Pickled rolled loin of pork $24.90 per kg

Christmas Turkeys & Poultry

Numurkah Free Range Turkeys

Free Range Frozen Turkeys:
Small (3-5kg) Serves 8+ $16.95 per kg
Medium (5-7kg) Serves 12+ $16.95 per kg
Large (7+kg) Serves 18+ $16.95 per kg
Turkey Breast Sides:
Boneless turkey breast ready for roasting or enhanced with your own favourite stuffing (2-3kg) $32.95 per kg
Turkey Ballotines:
As a guide you need 250 gm raw meat per person, less if served with other meats.
Small (2.5-3kg) Serves 10-12 $31.90 per kg
Large (3.1-3.5kg) Serves 12-14 $31.90 per kg
Turkey Sauce:
All natural ingredients. Just heat and serve. (500ml approx) $9.50 per tub
Let us cook your Turkey or Ballottine for you, for $20
Galantine of Chickens:
Moroccan style stuffing with couscous, almond, sultana & lemon.
Minimum weight 1.5kg $19.95 per kg
Galantine of Duck - Cooked:
Boneless whole duck with a duck, pork and pistachio stuffing $54.80 each
Ducks - Fresh:
Size from 2+kg $13.75 per kg
Poussin (Spatchcock):
Whole free-range bird, frozen, corn fed (400g bird) $13.95 each
Quail (Rannoch Farm):
Semi-boned - Plain $5.50 each
Semi-boned - Marinated $6.50 each
Smoked Twin Pack $20.95 each

Wursthaus Christmas Puddings

Small (500g) $24.90
Medium (1kg) $39.90
Medium (1kg) Gluten-Free $39.90
Large (2kg) $59.90

Other Christmas Treats

Wursthaus Christmas cakes $19.90
Wursthaus Traditional Stollen $22.90
Brandied Fruit Mince Pies $2.40 each
Brandied Fruit Mince Pies (1/2 dozen) $13.20

Wursthaus Pork Pies

Traditional English Pork Pies with hot water pastry
Small 600g $18.50 each
Large 2kg $49.90 each

Poached Whole Stuffed Ocean Trout

Completely boneless, gently poached and presented on a platter
Wursthaus classic bread-based stuffing, flavoured with spring onions, parsley, lemon zest, ricotta and parmesan (sized from 2-3kg) $49.00 per kg
Moroccan style with couscous stuffing, flavoured with pinenuts, sultanas, garlic, parsley and preserved lemon (sized from 2-3kg) $49.00 per kg