Tasmanian cheeses at Wursthaus Kitchen

Delectable cheese ...

A cheese lover’s delight

Wursthaus Kitchen stocks a range wide enough to satisfy the most demanding lover of fine cheese. This includes Tasmanian cheeses and imported traditional European cheeses.


We stock a range of Tasmanian cheeses, including those from local boutique producers.

Bruny Island Cheese Co ...

The Bruny Island Cheese Company produces hand-made cheeses using organic milk from cows and goats.

C2 is a classic cooked-curd cheese;
Oen, a cow’s-milk cheese washed in Pinot Noir wine and wrapped in vine leaves;
Tom – a cow’s-milk hard rind cheese;
1792 – a washed rind cheese;
Saint – a white mould cheese – soft, oozy and surface-ripened;
Lewis – a hard goat’s milk cheese;
Otto – a fresh cheese wrapped in locally-made prosciutto.

Tongola Goat ...

This is a small producer of handmade goat cheeses using milk from their own herd. Four different types of cheese are produced:

Curdly – a fresh curd cheese;
Capri – a young, fresh cheese;
Bloom – a white mould cheese;
Billy – an aged goat cheese with a strong flavour.

These cheeses go well with fresh figs and pickled walnuts.

Thorpe Farm ...

Thorpe Farm are makers of the award-winning Tasmanian Highland Cheeses. These legendary goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses are made by John Bignall, a sixth-generation Tasmanian.

Heidi Farm ...

One of Tasmania’s most celebrated cheesemakers, Frank Marchand trained as a cheesemaker in his native Switzerland and came to Tasmania in 1974. His Heidi Gruyere is regarded as a benchmark cheese in Australia.

Ashgrove ...

We stock Ashgrove’s full cheddar range, including the popular Wasabi flavour. This cheese is excellent in sushi or to accompany rice snacks. Its unusual flavour makes it suitable for consumption with beer, sake or a crisp dry white wine.

National Foods brands:

King Island Dairy ...

Australia’s premier specialty cheese and dairy producer, King Island cheeses are produced exclusively on Bass Strait’s most remote island. They are made with pure, sweet King Island milk, from herds that graze on some of the most lush and cleanest pastures in the world.

Visit the informative King Island Dairy website for information, recipes and storage tips.

Lactos cheeses ...

The popular cheeses formerly known by the Lactos label are now marketed by National Foods.


Our imported cheese range includes the great cheeses of the world.

French cheeses ...

In France there are more than 500 cheeses – from the very mild to the powerful. There is an almost endless variety to choose from. At Wursthaus Kitchen we don’t stock all 500, but have carefully selected from the best available.

Cheese is more than a food for the French. It’s a passion. Unlike many Australians, the French enjoy cheese as a separate course, after the main course and before dessert. Its place in the meal indicates its importance in the diet and culture.

To serve: Remove cheese from the fridge about an hour before serving. The French believe cheese should be served at room temperature because it allows the full flavour of the cheese to be expressed. The longer you leave your cheese out, the stronger the taste.

Italian cheeses ...

From pizza to pasta, world cuisine relies heavily on artisan cheeses produced and imported from Italy.

In Italian cookery cheeses are used in innumerable ways. They are grated and sprinkled over soups and pastas and incorporated in countless stuffings and sauces. They are roasted, toasted and fried to be eaten as dishes in their own right. They are gratinéed over meats, poultry, fish and vegetables, sealing in flavours and imparting their own special savour to a dish. Sweetened with honey, sugar and grape must, they constitute the foundation of many creamy desserts. Alone, or with wine and bread, they make an energizing snack or a satisfying end to a fine meal. With know-how and flair, generations of Italian cooks have found ways of using cheese that are as varied as the food itself.

English cheeses ...

For connoisseurs, Britain might lack variety and reputation, but it makes up for it with quality. When English cheeses are good, they are very, very good. A top-notch Stilton or farmhouse Cheddar is incomparable.

Consider the classic combinations: A crumbly slice of Stilton, a ripe pear and a glass of vintage port. Or how about a ploughman’s lunch with it’s wedge of sharp, golden Cheddar, a crusty roll, some tangy pickle and a pint of beer.

Other cheeses ...

We stock the following cheeses from other European countries:

Manchego (Spain)

Gruyere, Emmenthal (Switzerland)

Danish Blue, Havarti (Denmark)

Feta, Kefalograviera (Greece)

Halloumi (Cyprus)

“Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.”
~ unknown Frenchman


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