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Wursthaus Pty Ltd was established in 1985 as a specialist manufacturer of traditional and innovative meat-based products and smallgoods. From humble beginnings it has developed into a genuine charcuterie – run by butcher/chefs.

Today, Wursthaus sausages, kranskys, salamis, bacon and cooked-on-the-bone hams are legendary for their high quality – only the best meat is used – and flavour.

Fresh sausages

Made to original recipes with only the finest ingredients, Wursthaus fresh sausages contain up to 90 percent meat. They should be cooked slowly and without pricking the casings to retain all the carefully placed wine and wonderful flavours. No MSG is added and most are gluten free, except where tabouli or fresh breadcrumbs are used. Our policy is to use only natural sausage casings. (What’s in our sausages? pdf 50kb)

The flavour range is extensive – a few of our regular sausage varieties are listed on the right.

From time to time we also have available our own black pudding.

Another type of spiced fresh meat, popular with our customers, are our freshly-made Salamanca burgers.

JUDGED ONE OF THE BEST by Gourmet Traveller, our Wagyu Beef and Caramelised Onion Sausage ... see details »


Taste our hams and you will never buy ordinary ham again. We start with the plumpest legs of pork and then cure and smoke in the time-honoured way. No shortcuts, no compromises. Moist, tender and a flavour rivalled by none.

Smoked meats

We use the leanest Tasmanian prime beef from King Island for our oak-smoked beef. We infuse it with our own special brine and slowly smoke it with oak to give a succulent smoky flavour. Life-changing in a bagel or sandwich or sliced thinly with salad greens. Wrap it around sun-dried tomatoes for an elegant hors d’oeuvre.

With an abundant supply of wild shot venison, our smallgoods makers are producing plenty of venison pastrami and smoked venison, in either sliced packs or in whole pieces ready to be sliced.

Venison Pastrami makes a great canapé and combines very well with a beetroot or red currant relish and onion marmalade. The smoked Venison can be an alternative to our ham for those not wishing to eat pork.

The nutritional benefits of venison are well documented as it would have to be one of the leanest meats yet still has a relatively high iron content (similar to red meat). The smoked Venison has no visible fat and can be easily substituted for ham in sandwiches and on platters. It combines well with all fruit based relishes.

Our lightly-smoked chicken breasts are full of flavour, perfectly cooked and seasoned with fresh herbs. Or try our plump Tasmanian quail, with the rib cage removed for easy eating. Ready to eat. Serve cold for a picnic or casual lunch, or ideal for a warm salad.

Smoked sausages and salami

Smoked Viennas. The traditional wiener. Mildly seasoned premium pork and veal, lightly smoked. Gently simmer to warm or serve cold as a nibbly. Great with a grain mustard and braised cabbage.

Salami. Made by Wursthaus at Cambridge, using our own recipes. The pepperoni is spicy and hot – perfect for a pizza.

Chorizo. Hot and spicy with more than a dash of chilli. This versatile sausage is the only thing for an authentic Spanish paella or perfect as a ready-to-eat accompaniment with your next cold beer.

Garlic sausage. Inspired by the Polish, this is a pork sausage with a meaty texture and robust garlic flavour. Made in traditional rings and ready to slice for casual eating with your favourite cheese. The perfect sausage for cassoulet.


Wursthaus terrines are made with lean meats and natural flavourings. The ever-popular Pork & Veal terrine recipe uses lean pork, veal, pistachio nuts, peaches, white pepper and a selection of herbs.

Specialty products

We also produce smoked fish – both Rainbow Trout and Hot Smoked Salmon.

Our Smoked Rainbow Trout are deliciously smokey, while maintaining a delicate fishy flavour.

Our delicious Hot smoked salmon is whisky-cured and peat-smoked.

Eat either of these smoked fish varieties as they are, as an introduction to a meal. Remove the flesh and add to scrambled eggs or a fish consomme. As they are hot smoked, the flesh doesn’t dry out as it does with cold smoked fish when cooked, but remember to add it towards the end of the cooking time. Allow the dish to ‘steep’ rather than simmer, to impart the smokey flavour and maintain moisture.

“Commercial big-brands use chemicals to create a smoked flavour. But at Wursthaus, smoked meats are truly smoked. We are even fussy about the timber used for the smokers. The flavour must be just right.”


Wursthaus Wagyu Beef Smallgoods

Wursthaus at Cambridge is now doing the butchering under contract for Robbins Island Wagyu Beef in Tasmania’s far North West. This gives us great access to all things Wagyu beef and, consequently, Cambridge is now producing a fabulous range of Wagyu Beef smallgoods.

These products are hand made, from full-blood, grass-fed Wagyu cattle, using the finest hand-selected free-ranging steers, from the world’s cleanest environment, minimally processed and grown naturally without additives.

  • Pure Wagyu Hot Dogs (gluten free)
  • Wagyu sausages with caramelised onion
  • Grass-fed Wagyu Smoked Brisket
    Fresh, sweet, flavorsome taste, with an exquisite mouth feel, underlying aromas of cinnamon, honey and coriander.
    Slice paper thin and serve with pickled vegetables. (Finalist in the recent ABC delicious produce awards.)
  • Grass-fed Wagyu Pastrami
    Ruby red in colour, rolled in pepper and spices, smoked in oak and sous vide slowly. Even-textured with long, lingering, tantalizing flavours on the finish.
    Slice thinly and serve with melted gruyere on rye.
  • Grass-fed Wagyu Smoked Silverside
    Double smoked and slow cooked for tenderness. Succulent and complex with sufficient saltiness to compliment the marbling of the beef.
    Slice paper thin and serve with horseradish or wasabi on sourdough.

The Wursthaus Sausage

Wursthaus dedication to quality and tradition result in a great, pure meat sausage. Shoulder meat – a tough cut – is used for its flavour and texture. (Just as you cannot make a successful slow-cooked dish with eye fillet steak, neither can you make a good sausage with that cut.) Skillful cutting and mincing breaks down the fibres of the tougher cut in sausage making and its fat contributes moisture and flavour.

The meat is trimmed of all sinew and tendon (a piece of gristle is always a piece of gristle, no matter how long you cook it), then quickly minced with a double-cut mincer to maintain colour and freshness. It is then mixed with natural flavourings – herbs, spices, stock, wine and salt to bind the pieces of meat together.

Natural sausage casings are filled, using a vacuum filler which extrudes all air from the meat. This ensures that there are no air pockets to make the sausage cook unevenly.

Wursthaus sausages

Cooking pure-meat sausages:

A pure meat sausage takes longer to cook. It is easy to blacken the outside before the centre is cooked. A sausage that is blanched before browning retains more moisture and flavour than one that is not. Blanching, or simmering in water, seals in the flavours and sets the meat.

Bring a pot of water to the boil, turn the heat to low, wait a minute or so, add the sausages and leave on low heat until cooked. If the water is bubbling, it is too hot and will burst the skins – all will be lost. The sausage can then be placed on a barbeque or under a grill to brown and caramelise.


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